Let’s Make Your Business Irresistible…

With The Incredible Power Of Words

Hey, fabulous you.

You made it to the show. (I’ve been waiting for you.)

I know that as a busy business owner, you haven’t always got time to create those
perfect words.

You know you need
irresistible, client-grabbing copy for your website, sales funnels, launches, brand story…

You feel that constant, nagging pressure to
spread your message – but why do the words get stuck?

Even when you write them, they don’t always sound like you.

(What’s that all about?!)

You’re soul-led, you’re passionate…


And you know that when you get these words just right, your message will radiate…and your perfect people will be drawn to work with you.


(I feel your energy too.)


What’s even more exciting is that when your words create real connection and continue to nurture – your people will stay with you for the journey.


(Isn’t that so much easier than the constant cycle of trying to grab new ones?)

Can I share a little secret with you?


When you have an online business (ie no fancy shop to ‘wow’ with) words are everything.

They’re how you spread your incredible message. They’re how you grow.

Well-crafted words have the power to make people feel something.

And that’s when the magic happens – because we buy with our hearts.

If you’re ready to embrace that gold-dust…


It’s time we talked.


Getting to know you and your phenomenal work – so that I can write those words for you – is what I do.


I’m a professional copywriter and published author.


Words and stories are my superpower.


Let’s explore the magic we could create together.

Work With Me

I empower coaches and creators like you with irresistible, client-grabbing copy for your websites, sales funnels, launches and brand stories. Discover the sparkle… 

Your Web Copy

Want your website words to shine, and to showcase you and your gorgeous brand?


(And yes – attract more clients and get more sales! Hurrah.)


Jump in and explore the possibilities…

Your Sales Funnel & Launch Copy

Ready to pull more perfect clients into your world? (And to nurture them with wonderful words so they feel excited to buy from you – again and again?)

Then I’m ready to brainstorm and craft those sales page words and email sequences for you!

Pop over to my Work With Me page if you want a nosey at the details…

Your Brand Story

Keen to stand out from the busy market, share your passion – and be the one people remember? (For all the best reasons!)


Then a hooky, relatable brand story is exactly what you need.


As a professional, published storyteller, I’m the person to help you.


Make sure you discover more…

Fancy a free chat about how I can help? (I do love a virtual coffee!)

Grab a space in my diary and let’s explore how my words could supercharge your business…

Get To Know Me!

I’m Anita Faulkner – professional copywriter, storyteller and published fiction author.


I empower coaches and creators like you with irresistible, client-grabbing copy for your sales funnels, launches, brand stories and websites


I create words that persuade, connect, engage


Words that share your unique story


And words that nurture relationships so your clients grow to love you, trust you and can’t wait to invest in you (again and again).


I believe that crafting effective copy is more than just flinging words at a page. 


Your business deserves copy that’s a perfect reflection of you. 


With my special blend of copywriting, sales psychology and storytelling skills, I weave words that are beautifully on-brand and authentic, so they sound like the most compelling version of you.


Because we want your message to resonate…and convert into glorious, glittering sales.


I know you have something incredible to share with the world. That’s why you’re here.


If you want to discover whether I’m the perfect fit for you, pop over and explore my story – about why I love working with exceptional people like you.


Sparkling Words About Glittering Copy


It’s got to be said – my clients are FANTASTIC! (And I truly believe that when you get your copy just right, you attract the perfect people to you.) 


Here are some of the amazing words my clients say about me. 


'Copywriting is Your Zone of Genius!'
“I’m delighted with the quality of your work, Anita.

Before I found you – OMG, writing my copy was such a mammoth task. I’d sit there with a blank word doc and didn't know where to start.

But now, I love my copy! Today I did some validation calls with my audience and they all said they loved my emails…written by you, of course!

You have saved me so much time and headspace and stopped me procrastinating over what to write.

One of the biggest learnings I’ve made in business is to outsource tasks that are outside my zone of genius, and copywriting is clearly within your zone of genius!!

I’ve recommended you to so many of my business contacts.”
Sarah Almond-Bushell
Registered Dietitian, Course Creator & Business Coach
‘Now My Web Copy Sounds Like Me!’
“Anita was a joy to work with. Patient, thorough – amazing!!

Her level of service is exceptional – she went over and above my expectations.

Her attention to detail is incredible.

Before I worked with Anita my web copy didn’t sound like me or get my personality across.

But now – wow, I love it. It sounds like me!

Would I use Anita’s copywriting services again – oh my god, yes!!”
Kathryn Goddard
‘She Weaves Magic and Personality Through Everything She Writes.’
“Anita provided me with copy for an upcoming course I wanted to sell.

The biggest impact of working with her was me realising that my corporate background and way of writing was, quite simply, dull as dishwater.

Through Anita’s careful questioning, thorough research & attention to detail, she quickly grasped my style and tone of voice.

Adding in her own touch of sparkle, she accurately created copy that reflected me – more so than I could have ever done myself.

What I love about Anita’s passion for writing is her total commitment to ensuring all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed – even when she has handed over responsibility.

She is supportive, conscientious, and clearly knowledgeable in her craft. She weaves magic and personality through everything she writes & has inspired me to write more as me. It was a delight to work with Anita and I highly recommend her.”
Viv Bowra
Leadership Coach & NLP Trainer