Are You Ready To Attract More Clients…

With Irresistibly Sparkling Words?

The lowdown...on working together.

You’re here! I’m excited for you.

You value your beautiful business and you know it’s time for your words to radiate.


(And to pull in even more yes please clients!)


Whether it’s your web copy, sales funnel or launch copy, or those hooky brand stories, here are a few things I’d love to share with you:

The Glittering Copy Services

When we work together, I get to know you and your business, your ideal clients and their struggles and desires, your brand voice...

So that my words sound like (the most compellingly addictive version of) you!

When we’re clear on who your perfect clients are (including what they love, need, worry about at 3am...) writing words that jump off the page and resonate comes naturally.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re not yet clear on all of this. That’s what I’m here for.

Where we need to, I also get clear on your offers – both the features of what you’re selling and the real benefits – including the emotional ones.

Because it’s not the dry old facts that will make people excited to work with you. It’s the transformation you provide, what that will really bring and how that will make people feel...

That will make the powerful difference between a maybe and a yes, I’m buying this!

If you’re not yet sure, I work it out for you. It’s all part of the magic.

The copy I write for you isn’t one-size fits all. It’s uniquely tailored to you – just like my quotes!

Every client needs something different, so I don’t package things up (and charge you more for time or copy you may not need!)

Once we’ve had our free, informal Zoom chat about what you need, I’ll put together a quote for you to go away and consider.

(No pushy salesy stuff. We should only work together if we’re a winning match.)

It’s hugely important to me that you’re THRILLED with the copy I create for you.

That’s why I allow you up to (and including) two sets of revisions.

Some clients don’t want to change a thing. Others just fancy the odd tweak.

If you need a little more, that’s OK too. I’m here for you.

Your Web Copy


Just like you, most of my clients would rather hide in a cupboard than juggle all of that web copy!


So many words. So much pressure. Not to mention that thing they call SEO.


You want your words to shine, and to showcase you and your gorgeous brand.


You deserve words that connect, engage and share your unique story. 


And of course, you want to attract the perfect people (and get them feeling excited to buy from you). 



Can I let you in on a secret? 


It’s so much easier when somebody else writes the words for you!


When we work together, I get to know you, your business, your perfect clients, your voice, your fantastic offers…


And then I use my professional copywriting skills and storytelling magic to make your business irresistible.



Did you know that there’s SO much more to web copy than just words?


Once we’ve taken your perfect people on a journey of getting to know you and the transformation you bring, we need them to take action. 


(Click, book, buy. Because you have something fantastic to share.)


So I use my sales psychology superpowers to turn your browsers into yes please buyers. (Without the ick.)


Understanding how people really read online is everything.


I’ve got you.


“Anita sprinkled her glitter on my website and I’m buzzing! The copy she wrote was incredible.

Her level of service was first class – she dug deep and understood exactly what I needed.

Not only was she professional, intuitive, friendly, supportive and witty, she was super-efficient and provided me with faultless copy.

Anita held my hand, helped me find my voice and now I have a website I can be proud of. I can't thank her enough.”

Your Sales Funnel & Launch Copy

Sales Funnels


You know you need a hooky lead magnet to pull potential new clients into your world.


You may need a landing page that grabs attention and gets people clicking to devour your freebie.


And you’ll absolutely need an email nurture sequence to welcome these gorgeous new leads into your world, warm them up to your fabulousness, and move them towards readiness to buy from you.



So many people miss the obvious parts of this process.


It’s a delicate balance of know, like and trust.


And I want that for you. (Authentically)


When we work together, I get to know you and your business, your perfect customers, your voice, your incredible offers…


Then I weave together my copywriting and storytelling magic to create copy that nurtures your new leads…


And gets them keen as a bean to work with you!


“When I received the copy I didn’t want to change a word. I got lots of successful sign ups from my landing page and was immediately ready to work with Anita again!”



When you launch a new product or service, you potentially need weeks’ worth of copy – and that can feel exhausting. 



+ You’ll need words to see you through your pre-launch warm up phase (when you’re building awareness and excitement on social media and your mailing list).


+ You’ll need copy to promote your launch event (webinar, masterclass, challenge…) in the lead up.


+ You’ll want a sales page that hooks people in, digs deep on the incredible thing you’re selling and turns scrollers into I need this buyers.


+ And of course, you’ll need a sequence of persuasive launch emails, to strategically convert those warm leads into hell yes clients!



The great news is…


You probably won’t need me to write all of the above. (I believe in you and my aim is always to make things cost-effective for you.)



And the even better news?


The copy I do write, you’re free to chop up and repurpose to your heart’s content!


(Eg tasty chunks of your sales page or email sequence can become quick and easy social media posts. Yes please!)


Whatever you need support with (from email sequences to sales page to social media words) I’m there for you.


I want you to save your energy for the fantastic launch you’re planning. (And the wonderful product or service you’re getting ready to share.)


Sound like just the helping hand you need? 


Perfect! Let’s get together and chat.


“Investing in Anita is well worth the money. When I used her for my launch my conversion rates were the highest they’ve ever been!”
Life & Business Coach

Your Brand Story

Using the power of story for your brand and business can take things to the next level…


Because people buy from people. (People they like. And feel connected to.)

Stories create that connection. They build trust, they foster empathy. They release chemicals in our brains that make us want to bond.



And our stories make sure we are remembered.


I want that for your brand.


Sharing your story (through social media, on your website, in your email marketing…) will draw in your perfect people and make them feel something.


It’s those feelings that drive action. (All that clicking, buying and eagerly booking up to work with you.)



So let’s take your clients on a journey that makes them feel excited to buy from you. 


I’m a published fiction author as well as a copywriter (in case you wondered why I’m so passionate about this bit!)


I write stories you can use on your website About page. I create stories that become part of your email nurture sequences or your launch copy. (Even if you’re not really sure what your story is. I find it.)


When I’ve written your story you can use it anywhere – again and again.


Weaving words into compelling stories (that make your business stand out) is absolutely my thing.


Let me share some of that magic.


“Anita brought her curiosity, humanity, and creativity to play when she wrote my brand story. She made the process fun and engaging (even when it’s something I have historically approached with anxiety and reluctance).”
Business Coach

Need Something Else?


I work with my clients on all sorts of different copy projects – so if you don’t see what you’re looking for in my list of core services, just shout. I may be able to help you.


I write blog posts, emails, case studies…

And I’m a dab hand at repurposing the content you already have into some thing new. (Never a word wasted!) So if you want to turn your blog posts into shorter emails, or your Facebook lives into blog posts, or your training notes into an email sequence…

I’m onto it! 

Let’s explore the wonderful things we could do.

“Just a quickie to say I LOVE the copy – I’d want to buy my services reading that that!!!”
Business Coach

Fancy a free chat about how I can help? (I do love a virtual coffee!)

Grab a space in my diary and let’s explore how my words could supercharge your business…