Am I The Copywriter For You?

Discover My Story....

Hey, fabulous you! I’m thrilled that you found me.

I’m Anita Faulkner – story-led copywriter for coaches and creators.

I save you time and headspace by writing show-stopping words for your business, so you can skip away and do the work you love. 

(Because I know you’re here to light up the world.)


I specialise in words for your sales funnels, launches, websites and brand stories.

Those words that hook clients in, nurture them and get them excited to work with you. 


But can I let you in on a secret?

It’s not always easy to write a story about yourself! Do you find that too?

But actually, that’s OK. Because this story is really about you, and how my unique glitter can help to make your business shine.


You want to know why I’m the woman to add sparkle to your copy. 

Why you and I would make a perfect match.

Because you want to work with exactly the right people. People who bring joy to your day (and plenty of clients to your business!)


So come and take a peek behind the scenes to see if I’m the copywriter for you.

My Story...

About why I’m so driven to empower coaches and creators like you to make real impact with your words…


So that potential clients are queueing up to work with you.


I’ve always been hooked on writing, and the power of story.


You know those book nerd girls with the bowl-cut fringes (cheers Mum!) who hung around libraries like they were the coolest kind of disco? 


Yep, that was me.


Words and stories were my place. 


I couldn’t get over the power of them. The sheer ability to transport you somewhere else and to feel something – joy, excitement, determination…


To cry, even.


Or to make you do something. (Click, book, oops…did I just buy that?!)


Just by putting words in the right order. Isn’t that incredible?


But as much as I loved creating things with words, real life got in the way. 


I thought writers were like unicorns – too magical to actually be real. 


So I trained hard to become a solicitor. 


(Because that was surely a proper, grownup sort of job.)


I learned to use written words to persuade judges and win cases.


All of this gave me a wealth of experience…but the days were long. And I still wasn’t working for me. (Maybe you’ve been there too?)


So in between that bolshie lawyer stuff…


I was still secretly scribbling words and stories. Planning. Dreaming.


Because in my soul, I wanted more. 


Then in my late 30s (after fertility struggles that shook our world) we were finally blessed with our gorgeous little boy.


There he was in that delivery room, blue-faced and bundled into a knitted hat, his tiny, grabby fingers searching for me.


And life changed me.


Forget unicorns, I was feeling unstoppable. 


And once our rainbow boy was born, my creativity wouldn’t stop either.


Only now, it was time to embrace it.


I wanted to follow my own dreams. To write, to create, to build a beautiful, abundant business.


And to use the power of words to help other passionate business owners show up confidently and attract more of your perfect clients too. 


Because I know those words don’t come easily to everyone.

For people who excel in other ways, written words often get stuck. 

They feel stunted or don’t quite connect. They slow you down, they hold you back – from all the fantastic, business-building things you’re desperate to get on with. 

And I love to set you free from that pressure. (Being your support act is what makes my heart sing.)

So now I’m a published romcom author and professional copywriter.

I empower coaches and creators with irresistible, client-grabbing copy for your sales funnels, launches, websites and brand stories. 

I find your voice and message, and I help you to share it – so that abundance (and wonderful clients) flow your way too.

And this combination of copywriting, storytelling and having been a driven, persuasive lawyer is my secret glitter. The thing that adds the glow.

As a sparkling storyteller, I believe in a happy ever after. (Yours too.)

Because we get to create our own stories. We get to show up and do the work we love (and outsource the stuff we don’t). To connect with people, grow our businesses and share our unique gifts with the world.

If we don’t have a bricks and mortar business, words are EVERYTHING.

And irresistible copy is our client-attracting superpower.

If you’re ready to discover the magic we could create together, you sound like my kind of person.

Hop in and explore the exciting possibilities…

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“Words that glitter create gold – and I want that for you.”

Anita. Xx

Stuff I Love...

 1. Dancing like nobody’s watching. (Usually better if they aren’t!)

2. Losing myself in the flow of creating words and stories. (Did you check out my published novels? Have a nosey.)

3. Meditation. (Great for switching off and tuning in – though I wish I was better at it.)

4. Anything a bit ‘woo.’ (Got to embrace it!)

5. Filling my home with beautifully handcrafted things. (AKA shopping!) Extra marks if it’s heart-shaped, painted, or a little bit sparkly.

6. Getting up at 5am to write – powered by coffee, candlelight and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes! (Golden time before I’m ambushed by a 5 year old. I recommend it…)

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