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Each project is different, so once we’ve talked things through I’ll send you a quote that fits your specific needs. (And there’s never any pressure.)

Quality copywriting will never be as cheap asthere’s never any pressure.)

Quality copywriting will never be as cheap as chips (and if it is – beware!)

Writing great copy is a skill. It’s both an art and a science – and professional copywriting pays off. It attracts more clients to your business because it jumps off the page and resonates. And this connection helps you to make more glorious sales. (Which makes it well worth the investment.)

Is it time to harness the power of words to help you grow? Let’s make your business irresistible.

I love that you’re keen!


We’ll have an initial free Zoom chat to talk through what you need and whether we’re a great fit. (You can book your free chat here.) 


If you’re interested in getting a quote after our chat, I can put one together for you, based upon your specific project (so that you’re never paying for more time or copy than you need).

If you decide to go ahead, I do a happy dance! (If I’ve sent you a quote, I’m excited about the idea of working with you.)

We then agree timescales and sort payment and I book you in.

When it’s all systems go, I get to know you and your business, your ideal client, your voice (and your offers and story, where I need to). We do this through questionnaires, my research – and another Zoom call to flesh out the details of the project and dig deeper.

I work on your copy and send you first drafts. Sometimes they’re perfect first time, but it’s perfectly normal if you want to make a few changes or tweaks. It’s always my mission to make sure you’re thrilled with the final words, and that you’re buzzing to go off and share them.

If you’re uploading them to your website or a sales page, I go through the online version for you too, to provide my advice and check that it’s all well laid out and ready to convert!

Most of my clients are either coaches, trainers or course creators, or creatives (like photographers or artists).

Some have an academic or corporate background, and find their words get stuck in that formal or essay mode. (I have a background in law, financial services and the corporate world, so I completely understand how that can happen – and I’m ready to help.)

Others find that their creative skills lie anywhere but writing!

What my wonderful clients all have in common is that they’re ready to let someone else take away the weight of writing all those words, so they can get on with the work they love.

I only work with businesses I feel genuinely inspired to write for. (And of course, it makes sense for you to choose a copywriter who’s passionate about what you do too. This energy will shine through in your copy.)

If you’ve had a nosey at my website and feel we might connect, get in touch. Let’s find out whether we’re a winning match.

I love helping you with your web copy, the words for your sales funnels and launches, and of course, your client-grabbing brand story.

You may just need a sales page, or for someone to review and advise you on how your website words could be hookier (and attract more buyers).

You might want help to plan out and write your email welcome sequence or launch copy.

Some of my clients also need help with writing blog posts, getting on top of email marketing, or even repurposing old content into something new. (To save you time and that continual cycle of content-creation panic!)

Whether you’re ready for the whole shebang, or you prefer to start small and build, I’m here for you.

Hop over to my Work With Me page and explore some of the fun we could create together.

Absolutely! This is hugely important to me (and one of the things my clients so often thank me for).

I get to know your ideal client (their struggles, their desires, what they need from you…) so that I can write words that resonate. And I get clear on your brand voice, so the words I create sound like you (with added copywriting magic).

Quite often, my clients aren’t really sure about most of the above. So if that’s you too – don’t panic. It’s my job to help you.

Copywriting gives your words that professional sparkle (which lets potential clients know you take pride in the incredible thing you do).

When you don’t have a bricks and mortar business (like a shop to wow with) words become everything. They’re what help you to stand out, share your passion for what you do, and create real connection. (So that people feel excited to buy from you – again and again.)

Great copywriting should be compelling and persuasive (without the ick), packed with your fabulous personality…and those words should speak directly to the hearts of your perfect people.

(And make them say, hell yes – I want to work with this person!)

If you’re not a copywriter, I know that can feel like a lot to juggle. And you’re already so busy with other things.

That’s why, as well as creating the perfect words to help you promote your fantastic business, working with me gives you:

  • More time – to get on with the work you love

  • More headspace – because I take the weight of all those words from you

  • And more confidence – to show up and share your offers and your message, knowing your words are sprinkled with proven client-attracting strategies – and magic

That’s great! The real magic lies in the editing, so let’s chat about how I can help.

I love to weave in my creativity and copywriting know-how to get your words grabbing attention, creating real connection and getting you more sales (authentically).

As well as being a professional copywriter, I’m also a published fiction author.

That means words and storytelling are my superpowers.

I believe that weaving story through your copy is a game-changer for your business, because as humans, we are wired for story. They make us stop, listen and remember – and we want that for your brand.

And stories connect us. It’s this connection that helps our perfect people to get to know us (and love us) so they stay with us for the journey.

As well as being a creative, I’ve worked in the corporate world, and I was a fully qualified litigation solicitor for ten years too.

It’s this combination of skills and experience that create my unique glitter.

You’re welcome to discover more about me on my About page.

My clients are a wonderful bunch! (I truly believe that when you get your words just right, you attract the perfect people to your business.)

You may have seen some of these words sprinkled through my website. Here are a few fun quotes for you:

“Anita sprinkled her glitter on my website and I’m buzzing! The copy she wrote was incredible.”

Susie – Author

“Investing in Anita is well worth the money. When I used her for my launch my conversion rates were the highest they’ve ever been!”

Bethan – Life & Business Coach


“You have saved me so much time and headspace and stopped me procrastinating over what to write.

One of the biggest learnings I’ve made in business is to outsource tasks that are outside my zone of genius, and copywriting is clearly within your zone of genius!!”

Sarah – Registered Dietitian & Business Coach

“Anita’s level of service is exceptional – she went over and above my expectations. Her attention to detail is incredible.”

Kathryn – Photographer

I love your energy!

Jump onto my contact page and ask away.

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